Parliamentary Small Modular Reactor Group prepares for nuclear roll-out

The All-Party Group on Small Modular Reactors held its AGM on the 7th December as interest in nuclear energy amongst MPs and Peers continues to grow.  Following the UK Government’s announcements on new nuclear, the All-Party Group on Small Modular reactors is gearing up for the next stage of UK nuclear roll-out including the nuclear supply chain. 

With plans for small modular reactors built by Rolls-Royce and others either undergoing approval or design finalisation, the UK is poised for a nuclear energy transition.  This new nuclear wave will bring jobs to communities across the UK and help build the UK’s energy security.  With the imminent announcement of Great British Nuclear Chair Virginia Crosbie MP therefore announced plans for the parliamentary group to visit the Springfields nuclear fuel factory as part of its ongoing work to gather evidence for MPs and Peers on the benefits of SMRs.

The Chair of the APPG on Small Modular Reactors (SMR), Virginia Crosbie MP, commented:

“MPs and Peers of all parties are increasingly recognising that the only way for the UK to meet its goals of carbon reduction and energy security is to invest in new nuclear.  The APPG met with a wide range of different firms and organisations during 2022.  As the momentum continues to grow in 2023 we want to start to build links beyond Westminster, by visiting different sites and plants around the UK.

The SMR APPG was established to inform MPs about the exciting new technology of small modular reactors. These reactors not only hold great promise as a source of low carbon energy generation, but can also provide a source of industrial heat to help decarbonise industry and transport. 

As APPG Chair it is encouraging to see how interest in new nuclear is grown over the last year.  MPs are frequently raising new nuclear and small modular reactors in the House of Commons chamber as the solution to the UK’s future energy needs.”


Notes to editors

Key Nuclear Facts

  • Currently over 61,000 people directly employed in the nuclear industry across the UK (NIA Jobs Map UK 2021),
  • Of which over 700 people employed in the nuclear industry in Wales (NIA Jobs Map UK 2021),
  • Around 300 people employed on Ynys Môn in the nuclear industry (NIA Jobs Map UK 2021),
  • Rolls-Royce SMR predict that their programme will create 40,000 regional jobs and £52bn in economic benefit by 2050 (Rolls-Royce SMR),
  • Horizon employed 33 local apprentices, most Welsh speaking but when they were made redundant the majority had to relocate to England taking the language with them (no reference – they were in my group!),
  • A large scale nuclear power plant could create up to 10,000 jobs during construction (Prime Minister’s 10 Point Plan),
  • A large scale nuclear power plant would create around 800 – 900 jobs during operation (EDF, Horizon, Westinghouse, Prospect)
  • HPC has so far trained 922 apprentices on its project to date (EDF Energy 2022)
  • HPC has spent £4.1bn with companies in the south west to date (EDF Energy 2022),
  • HPC has spent £24m on education skills and employment to date, (EDF Energy 2022),
  • A new nuclear plant is estimated to contribute £40m per year as an annual economic contribution during operation (Prospect 2021 – also comparable to numerous US reports on US plants)

The All-Party Group on Small Modular Reactors is a cross-party group of MPs and Peers chaired by Virginia Crosbie MP that seeks to inform parliamentarians of all parties about Small Modular Reactors.

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